Xavier Monclùs and Philip Sajet
31 may, 1-2 june

Among the activities of the week, LAO – Le Arti Orafe organized two workshop with the artists Xavier Monclús and Philip Sajet.

XAVIER MONCLUS, “Objet trouvé”
Intuitive, lively and playful work and a process of formal thinking creating jewellery out of daily life images and small objects in plastic, wood or metal.

PHILIP SAJET, “Please, no diamonds today”
Enthusiasm is the main ingredient of this workshop, whose objective is that of experimenting with alternative objects and materials to create rings and jewels.

Download the pdf FJW workshop for more information.



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Interview to Annelise Mercier, student at Le Arti Orafe and Amber Prize winner

Annelise Mercier, 24, French, student of the first year of jewellery making at Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School, was awarded the Amber prize at the “Amberif Design Award International Amber Jewellery Design Competition”.
The jury’s reasons for assigning the prize to the Arti Orafe’s student: “the piece shows sensitivity and intuition in the crafting of this special material”.
This is an important recognition to Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School as well, which has gained within the Amberif Design Award aknowledgements of four more of its students through the publication of their works in the contest’s catalogue. These are: Giulia Maestripieri, Zhang Hao, Maria Domenica Pittorru e Yuri Di Marcoberardino.
Back from Amberif 2017, the most important exhibition on amber and the biggest jewellery event in Central Europe with more than 450 companies and 7.000 visitors, Annelise tells us her emotions on this significant experience.