Zhang Tianyi presentation – Jewellery Making advanced course 2016-2017
“I majored in graphic design in university but I like more creating with my own hands. it makes me feel real. My designs come from my daily life and the people around me. I prefer interesting design. Pure beauty gives me a sense of distance. I was walking on a pedestrian street around a beach in Los Vegas when I was 20 or something. There were
lots of street artists. It was the first I felt art is so close. I like ancient cities so after graduation I came to Florence to start to learn seriously how to make the things in my head into real objects. I like the language and the culture. I feel so relaxed here. The passion for life and the romance you can see here keep me thinking constantly and finding new things to create”.    Zhang Tianyi
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925 Sliver/ Resin/ Glass
The design is came from my childhood. When i was a kid i was wondering why the right eye couldn’t see the left eye.Every time i tried to use one eye to see the other i became
cross-eyes which made my mom laugh a lot.I use silver wire crochet to connect glasses and the eyeballs.The top of the cylinder on the ring inlaid with three small magnets can
connect them.The whole glasses could be connected with a string or a chain to become a necklace.
Earring/ Ring
925 Sliver/ Resin/ Magnets
The piece continues the design of strange glasses. There is a magnet on each glass to make two pieces attach together and then become a “magnifier-ring”.On the other hand,
when they are separated it’s a pair of earring.
Earring/ Necklace
925 Sliver/ Glass
Precisely speaking, it’s a pair of earrings but looks like a necklace. The design was a surprise. I was trying to draw a wire and the wire just curled like this naturally. I found it
surprisingly beautiful so i used the wire and the glass ball left from the “strange glass” to make the earrings.
Choker/ Earring
925 Sliver
This is a second “Earring-Necklace” experimental work about line. I tried to draw the wire again to know the shape that came out last time was just an accident or it gets curled
always like that. And then this time after annealing it changed the curve. While wearing the necklace ,the left side of the line just stays at the left ear. When you look from the front ,it’s like you are wearing an earring so i made another piece of earring.
925 Sliver
This is the third experimental work about the line.Because of the lightness of the wire, I made a hugger earring which can be wore without burden. The top petal-like part was
hammered naturally from a piece of silver without any intentional design. “The petal part” and the wire can be separted and two pieces of petal can be buckled together as a brooch.



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