LAO students at Inhorgenta 2019

Hall C2 Stand 432/531

Also for 2019 Le Arti Orafe is present at Inhorgenta Munich with a prestigious exhibition space, to present the school activitiesl, and the program of PREZIOSA-Florence Jewelery Week. In the school area, works of students from the different study areas will be exhibited (Jewellery Making, Jewellery Design and CAD, Stone Setting, Engraving, Enaamelingi …), and among these works we want to report those realized by 4 students of the third year of the jewellery making course, who are working on a personal project.
The four students are:
– Carlotta Bolla
– Yuri Di Marcoberardino
– Francesca Polloni
– Andrea Tizi


Carlotta Bolla – Everything Flows
“Everything moves and nothing remains stands still”.
This collection is inspired by the concept of becoming. Shapes takes inspiration from the nature, this kind of use of colors and materials wants to represent the different phases of life. My research starts from the constant progress and the harmony with the nature. I tried to represent my thought by alterning shapes, reflections, tones and floathing movements. In ancient times the Mother-of-pearl was the symbol of prosperity and life. In my jewels the Mother-of-pearl symbolises the creation. Its delicate colors and its lustre leaves space to the intensity of an opaque dark that symbolises the end of the life cycle.
Yuri Di Marcoberardino
Transparent Humans talks about humanity and the lack of it.
It talks about human beings now completely invisible for our eyes. All of the not-a-person, as they are classified. People who are forced to leave their motherland. Men that political propaganda turn into threats for the country. It talks about all that part of humanity that we are trying to make transparent by losing our humanity. It spreads like a plague, a kind of blindness that leads to a complete indifference in front of the pain of those whose only fault is hope.

Hands that are screaming silently in a cry of help.

For all this reasons my pieces are dedicated to all those who were not spared by the sea and to everyone else who is still trying to find a better future.

Francesca Polloni
The collection “Catartica” (“cathartic”) embodies the desire of narrating my own process of liberation after an hard period, as indicated by the word. I took inspiration from my great passion for horses and jewels to create pieces that symbolize my personal story. Horses had a therapeutic effect on me, for this reason, I decided to use horsehair (produced by certified companies), making these animals as part of my creations. I wanted to find the perfect balance between metal and an organic element and, in order to achieve it, I braided the horsehair with steel nets. Each piece is adorned with gold or silver threads, on the basis of a purely aesthetic choice. Finally, settings are intentionally left plain to focus attention on the manufacturing.
Andrea Tizi
The tetrarchy of nihilism
The tetrachy of nihilism is the analysis of a decadent movenent linked to the rebirth and the rediscovery of the european values inflated by the heaviness of millennia of culture. This is in an antithetical position to the principle expressed in the “Gattopardo” according to which in order to keep everything in the same way, everything needs to change.



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