Claudia Perali

Claudia Perali


Jewelry Christian Perali creates jewels with unique design. Jewelery is produced and finely crafted according to the most diverse techniques (wax lost, banquet, tunnel, cantilever, chisel …)

Contrasts of polished and satin surfaces, precious materials coupled with less precious materials, a harmonious choice in matching the color of the stones. A modern but not extreme design, always respecting a rational elegance.
In addition to the creation of jewels – also on customer’s design – she offers any kind of repairs, alterations and transformations of “dated” objects, restoration of ancient jewels, threading and necklaces.

Stones used: white, black and brown diamonds, color stones, pearls of all types (specialization), corals, semiprecious stones, hard stones …

Materials used: gold, platinum, silver, bronze, copper, ebony, resins and more.
The customer who relies on Cristiana’s goldsmith creativity will realize a unique and unrepeatable jewel.
As Jewellery technician for the Rome’s Justice Court, Cristiana Perali also offers this service at the request of the customer.

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