SHE Jewellery Design Competition

We are thrilled to announce the collaboration between LAO, Biwako, and Sky Culture Planning. Together, we aim to celebrate the power, independence, and beauty of women through the «SHE» theme in the pearl jewelry competition.

With over 37 years of experience in education and promotion of high-quality goldsmithing, LAO will bring its expertise in evaluating the participants’ creations. Biwako, renowned for its production of exceptionally high-quality pearls, demonstrates a commitment to excellence in the jewelry industry. Additionally, the collaboration with Sky Culture Planning, a company dedicated to planning and organizing international cultural and artistic activities, adds an international dimension to the competition.

The «SHE» theme represents an ode to the strength, individuality, and elegance of women. Pearls, symbolizing preciousness, eternity, and purity, take center stage in this celebration.

We can’t wait to admire the artworks that will be presented!

Rebecca Yang

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