Preziosa Florence Jewellery Week 2017: the exhibitions

The Preziosa Florence Jewellery Week 2017 exhibitions succesfully ended last week. Many artists of artistic jewellery exhibited in Florence from 24th to 28th in some of the most beautiful museums and galleries in the Oltrarno district.
Museo Bellini hosted the personal exhibitions from Arata Fuchi, Robert Baines, Sibylle Umlauf, Tasso Mattar and Danni Schwaag, and a group exhibition of Iranian young artists entitled  “Jwahr, New Iranian & Persian Jewelry”and curated by Kevin Murray.
The exhibition curated by Inger Wästberg, “Contemporary Swedish Silver”, was hosted at Botticelli Galleries: irreverents modern silver objects  created by Erik Tidäng, Lena Jerström, Tobias Birgersson, Klara Eriksson, Petronella Eriksson, Pernilla Sylwan, Maki Okamoto.
Last but not least, Preziosa Young Contest 2017 was exhibited at “Palazzo Coveri Gallery”, with the artistic creations by young talents Fang Jin Yeh, Qian Wang, Shachar Cohen, Xiaodai Huang, selected by the international contest organized by LAO every two years, and representing a new generation of artists who know to use new technologies and unusual materials to relaunch the goldsmithing tradition in their countries.
With a large number of visitors duiring the whole days, who could also meet the artists at the galleries and interrogate them about their work, Preziosa Florence Jewellery Week was confirmed as unique event about the contemporaneous and artistic jewellery.




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