Clases y cursos para grupos


La escuela ofrece cursos de duraciòn entre 1 semana hasta a 3 meses para grupos de estudiantes que vienen del mismo paìs y con los mismos objetivos educativos. El contenido y la duraciòn del curso son coordinados entre el grupo y el personal de la esclusa.

Clases de una sola materia

La escuela ofrece a todos la posibilidad de asistir a ciclos de clases sobre los temas teòricos incluìdos en el programa escolar, pocas horas a la semana y sin tener que asistir a los cursos completo. Las clases son Historia de la joyerìa antigua y contemporanea, Gemologìa, Diseño técnico, Rendering. Los participantes compraràn el “paquete” de una o màs de estas clases y asistiràn en las horas indicadas en el calendario de la escuela, por un año o un semestre. Para informaciòn sobre la duraciòn, los contenidos y los costos de estas clases, contacte el personal secretarìa.


Renunciations and cancellations

For cancellations made by registered letter or certified mail by the group to the school, no later than forty days prior to the start of the course, the school will refund 50% of the amount paid, save for a bank or postal charges. After this time there will be no refunds.
If the school decides to cancel the course, the registration fee will be refunded in full, including the bank or postal charges. Even in the case of cancellation by the school, this will be notified no later than 40 days before the date.

Visits and extracurricular activities

Some technical or cultural visits (laboratories, companies, museums …) could be part of the lesson hours. Other extra-curricular cultural visits may be organized upon request of the group, which will bear the costs for transportation, entrance fees, guides.

Consumable materials and tools for personal use

The school provides the necessary materials to the course, included in the course’s fee (excluding gold, platinum, palladium and precious stones: the school provides silver and other non-precious metals, and natural and synthetic stones).
The materials will be specified each time, on the basis of the contents of the course. Tools for personal use are borne by the participants, who can take them or buy them in town. Alternatively, the school can provide a personal kit, upon payment of a security deposit, which is refunded at the end of the lessons, after the return of the complete kit. Lost or damaged tools will be reimbursed to the school.

Payment of the attendance fee

50% on booking and the rest once the course has started, in line with the instructions provided by the secretary’s office.


The school offers everybody the opportunity to attend cycles of lessons on the theoretical subjects in its teaching programmes with a contained weekly commitment and without having to attend the complete courses. History of ancient and contemporary jewellery, gemmology, technical drawing and rendering are the subjects on offer. Participants purchase a “package” of one or more subjects and go to lessons at the times set out in the school calendar for a year or six months. For information on the duration, contents and cost of the lessons, contact the secretaries’ office.