LIKE A VIRGIN Renaissance portraits “revisited”
On exhibition at Gallerie Antiquarie di Via Maggio
Firenze 5 – 24 December 2013
opening Thurday 5 December from 6pm

This year Le Arti Orafe is again taking part in Contemporaneamente, a project initiated by the Associazione Via Maggio to highlight all the Florentine entities that offer and encourage forms of art, crafts, design and contemporary culture. This, the third such event, will be held in Via Maggio, Florence from 5 to 24 December 2013.

The young students from the advanced jewellery design course will be there with their project
LIKE A VIRGIN – born out of an idea by Anna Balatti and Olivia Turchi and curated by LAO and the Associazione Via Maggio – a contemporary reworking of famous Renaissance portraits of “Madonnas” by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio and Bronzino.

The designs produced by the students – Anastassiya Korzhova (Kazakistan), Anna Enina (Russia), Sofia Garuti (Italy), Gabriela Deiss (Brazil), Sezen Tulgarer (Turkey), Mira Sinno (Lebanon), Charlotte Henley (India) and Svetlana Fedorova (Russia), coordinated by Jasmina Carbone, teacher of rendering and CAD at Le Arti Orafe – will decorate the female images in the paintings in an ideal recomposition of portraits of enduring canonical beauty in a contemporary style, with decidedly innovative ideas of formal research.

The results will be exhibited in twelve antique shops in Via Maggio ( Lisa De Carlo, Eredi Antonio Esposito, Fiorini Antichità, Gallori-Turchi, Frascione Arte, Paolo Stefani, Antichità Sandro Morelli, Traslucido, Giovanni Turchi Antichità, Massimo Bartolozzi, Paolo Paoletti, Botticelli Antichità), in spaces normally used to exhibit fine art and historic crafts objects, in a dialogue in which past and present intersect to create effects with a strong aesthetic and emotional impact.

The layout has been curated by the architect Mauro Vegliante.
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