Scholarship 2021-22

Scholarship for non-Italian students.
For many years the school has awarded scholarships to Italian and foreign students.
For the year 2020-2021 the school offers one scholarship of 1 year, upon availability.
The scholarship includes free lessons (no fees’ payment), the selected student will pay the fee to cover the insurance and administration expenses (total amount 600,00 euros). The student is required to purchasethe tools and material for his/her personal use, the tools list will be provided together with the admission documents.

Students coming from the following countries may apply for scholarship.

South America

Middle East

HOW and WHEN to participate:
applicants must submit their request to the school’s office by May 31, 2021. The application must include personal data (date and place of birth, postal address, full telephone number with country code and area code, email address), and any other personal information useful to justify the request for a scholarship (study/professional curriculum, letters of recommendations, economic status, work projects, portfolio, etc.) and send to
The school director’s office will communicate the selected candidates, then send the winners the necessary documents for obtaining a student Visa, when necessary.

Download the application form here

This year, LAO awarded the following scholarships to foreign students:

Verevkin Mikhail – Hand-engraving Intensive course

Artemovna Katerina – Hand-engraving Intensive course

Polishchuk Olga – Hand-engraving Intensive course

Laura Garcìa Sànchez – Hand-engraving Intensive course

Zhukaeva Albina – Hand-engraving on Jewellery

Florencia Rubaja – Jewellery Making course

Best student LAO Omodei Silvia – Jewellery Making

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