PREZIOSA YOUNG 2017 – Call for application


We are pleased to announce the 2017 edition of Preziosa Young

International contest/exhibition for young jewellery makers

Our Identity

The value of art and crafts of our time

In a world that wants us more and more homologated, equal to each other, but at the same time puts the emphasis on racial, religious or ideological differences, erecting walls in defense of false values, and imprisons those who seem different, the valorization of its own and others’ cultural identity becomes a respectful and mutual understanding issue.
Everyone has the right and the duty to cultivate its present history and its traditions, and transmitting them to his children, in the forms and in the manner that every people choose for itself.
A kind of world cultural domination wants to dictate to all of us how to make our choices, how to dress, how to talk, what to eat, and what art to produce.
Far from being a limit, the cultural differences are an inalienable wealth for the whole of humanity, and not just for a specific country, or a specific geographical, political or military area.
Classical art and traditional crafts, constitute for every human group and every single person a legacy that cannot be ignored, or simply put aside.
Contemporary research has its roots in this memory, and from it draws its nourishment.
Based on the above considerations, we invite worldwide young jewellery makers to apply and submit works from which emerges a research linked to the contemporary interpretation of traditional themes of your culture, in the broadest sense of the term.
Your research can be inspired to any traditional art or craft form, a material, a technique, an object of use, an ornamental detail, or architectural elements, without any limit. Immaterial source of inspiration are also admitted.
The creative process, the reasons, the objectives of the candidates should be explained through the objects and the statement submitted to the jury.
The selection will be based on:

  • The originality in the contemporary re-interpretation of the tradition;
  • The quality of design and manufacture of the pieces;
  • The contemporary use of the materials;
  • The conceptual and technical innovation.

Participants         Worldwide artists, goldsmiths, silversmiths, designers, professionals, students, may submit their candidature, provided that they are not older than 35 years by the end of 2016.
There is no cost for participation or registration, apart from the shipment of the objects.
Materials and techniques            Items submitted for the competition can be handcrafted, or produced by machinery, in 3D technology…. It is not the manufacturing process what determines the quality of the objects. Furthermore, the objects can be made in any material. The only condition relating to the admission of the objects, is that they must be objects to wear.
Awards                 Preziosa prize. The works of the selected participants will be presented in May-June 2017, in Florence, in conjunction with Florence Jewellery Week 2017, and a full color catalogue will be published.
– LAO special prize. One of the selected artists will be invited to Florence for a period of three months, as Artist in residence.
– Inhorgenta prize. One of the selected artists will be for awarded with a free space for the participation as exhibitor to the 2018’s edition of the fair.
Application          Applicants should fulfill the on-line registration form and provide all the requested information.
Please note: registration must be fulfilled in 1 séance. To prepare the material in advance, please look at the following page.
Deadline               December 15th 2016
Selection              The selection of the winners will be made going through the images and text submitted by the candidates. In the case that the jury deems it necessary, candidates will be requested to send objects for the final evaluation.
Privacy of the selection process. The online registration form has been structured so as each participant will be identified by an automatically generated numerical code. The jury will have access only to the data required for the selection (images, explanatory texts, artist’s statement), but not to the name and personal data of the candidates.
Exhibition              The Preziosa Young exhibition will take place in conjunction with the international exhibition/conference Preziosa, Florence Jewellery Week, May-June 2017, in Florence. The organizers could also plan other exhibitions along the year: the selected artists are committed to deliver their work to all the scheduled events. Each of the selected winners must present 5 to 10 pieces for the exhibition, following the indication of the organizers. These pieces must be the same (or similar) to those submitted for the selection. A full color catalogue will be published, with CV and statement of the winners.
Shipment                The shipping costs of the pieces (for the selection and for the exhibition), from the origin to Firenze and back home must be paid by the submitters. It is up to the artists to decide whether to insure and/or send their pieces by registered mail. Shipment from Firenze to/by other exhibition locations will be paid by the organization.
Material requested for the online registration.
Registration must be fulfilled in 1 séance: in case an error occurs, or the connection is lost, or for any reason the registration is not be successful, you can start over with a new registration.
Full name;
Full address;
Phone number (home/office/handy), with full international code and area code;
Email address. Please note that all communications with the candidates will be conducted by
e-mail, so it will be very important to use an internationally valid internet address, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, to avoid problems with regional/national email accounts.
Education/work experience;
Short statement (Max 3000 characters including spaces);
5 images from 5 different pieces submitted for the selection.
All texts and captions must be in English language.
For each image:

  • Title .

            Example:    Purple rain.
Example:    2015
Example:    Ring
Example:   Silver, titanium, emerald, plastics, stainless steel.

  • Size (Height, width, depth, in millimeters).

Example:   150x120x 200
Accepted files:

  • JPG format;
  • Minimum size 1200×800 pixel;
  • Minimum resolution 150 DPI;
  • Maximum weight, 4MB.

We suggest to use a white or black background.
Pictures of worn pieces can be accepted only in case of obvious difficulty in photographing the objects in still life.
Announcement Preziosa Young 2017 (pdf)
Enrolment form Preziosa Young 2017



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