Stone Setting – IN.I

Dates: 5 – 30 July  2021 / 120 hours / Fees: 2.100,00 euro / Deadline for booking: 15 June


The various stone-setting techniques will be carried out on semi-finished silver  products provided by the school, up to their finishing by polishing and galvanising.

Stones: white and coloured cubic Swarovski Zirconia stones of various shapes and sizes.


Preparation of the tools: burins, chisels, stone clamps…

Stone-setting in “Prong” claws of various shapes and sizes. Wire, square, shared claws,        etc…

Setting in “Bezels” of various shapes with round, square, marquise, octagonal stones, etc… as well as open bezels.

“Channel setting” with round stones in “suspension”.

“Fishtail” un-clawed settings with various applications including “imitation pavé”.

Setting of single stones: “flush setting” to maintain a round shape; “Bead setting” to obtain various shapes, such as: square, triangular, star, sun, eye, etc