Enamelling – SMA.I

Dates: 17 – 31 July 2021 / 40 total hours / Fees: 1,600.00 euro / Deadline for booking: 15 June


The course aims to help students acquire knowledge of the main techniques of fired enamel applied to gold jewellery items.

Practical enamelling exercises

  • Dry enamel
  • Wet enamel
  • Application of gold or silver leaf
  • Sgraffito
  • Champlevé

The decorative technique consists of depositing the enamel inside the cavities (alveoli) obtained on the metal sheet with the usual working processes (casting, chiselling, engraving).

  • Cloisonné

This consists of the creation of compartments (cloisons) using thin gold, silver or copper ribbons welded onto the base metal, which are then filled with enamel

  • Plique-a-jour

The enamel is applied in cells, similar to the Cloisonné, but the bottom surface is absent in the finished products so that the light can pass through the transparent or translucent enamel.

  • Grisaille

This allows for obtaining various shades between the black of the base and the applied white thickness.

The technique is based on various shades of grey.