Commesso fiorentino (Florentine mosaic technique) – MOS.I

Dates: 6 – 30 September 2021 / 100 total hours / Fees: 1,900.00 euro / Deadline for booking: 15 August


Historic-artistic introduction
Evolution of the mosaic technique from the first Minoan Mycenaean findings to the present-day, comparing ancient and current techniques.

Stone materials
Excursus among the various materials used in mosaics and not only: marble, semiprecious stones, onyx, stone and granite with their various characteristics, differences, uses, how to find them on the market and how to work them.

Practical exercises
First approach to working the various materials in order to better understand their characteristics and differences.

Preparatory Sketch
First phase for the creation of a mosaic tile. Execution of a drawing by hand with the technique of sprinkling and mixed colouring techniques for representing the subject to then be executed in mosaic. This procedure is essential for choosing the materials to be used, presenting one’s work to a possible customer and studying the division into blocks necessary for the subsequent cutting phase.

Technical drawing on the computer
Transposition of the sketch into an essential vector drawing for the use of numerically controlled machines and cutting plotters, useful equipment for speeding up some of the processing phases and reducing production costs. This common technical language allows us to carry out these types of artifacts all over the world.

Engraving techniques
Illustration of the various engraving techniques both by hand and by machine, and the differences among the various uses of each one in the production of mosaics.

Cutting and gluing techniques of the blocks
Acquisition of the various methods for cutting the blocks making up the mosaic and gluing and grouting. Everything is experimented on a panel. This is the longest phase, that entails the actual creation of one’s own mosaic and allows for putting into practice everything learned previously.

Finishing techniques
This includes the approach to the various methods of finishing one’s work, from the final grinding down, by hand or machine, to the mechanical polishing or waxing, with an explanation of the various products used.

The Commesso Fiorentino course is organised in collaboration with the Mosaic Workshop of Florence (