Battle for Beauty

Philip Sajet, “Battle for Beauty.”

40 hours / Fees  1.500 euro

Morpheus is the god of dreams.
And “Morf” became a word for form.
What a nice conclusion. A dream becomes Form.
First there is “Nothing” then there is “Something”.

What fascinates me about beauty is that it borders so closely to what is perceived as ugly and the exciting contradiction is that if one wants to find new forms of beauty,  one must actually tap into the source of ugliness.

Beauty takes many forms, I do not know them all.

If the viewer looks longer to the work then creator has done to do create it, the work has won.

Then the Battle for Beauty has taken place.

Philip Sajet, Artists CV

Born in Amsterdam in 1953, decided to make jewellery on the last day of 1977 with the falling of the first snow of that year.
In 1981 I left the Rietveld Academie, Apprenticed by Francesco Pavan in Padova Italy.
In 1986 I held my first solo show by Galerie Louise Smit in Amsterdam Netherlands.
And recently my 50th by Villadebondt in Gent Belgium.

To have the power to create a treasure, to hold in my closed hand that small, heavy and colourful object.
To create that moment of surprise when I open my closed upward turned hand and show it to someone