Intensive, workshop and flash courses

Every year the school organizes some short courses, seminars and summer courses.

Intensive courses
These courses are conducted by school’s teachers, offering the opportunity to acquire in a short period of time professional skills, and are suitable for people who do not have the opportunity to take longer courses, perhaps because they have a job, or because they attending other schools.

Flash courses
Very short courses, from 1 to 5 days long. They are taught by LAO teachers, technicians and assistants, the contents are purely technical and provide a demonstration phase by teachers and a phase of experimentation by the students.

The workshops are entrusted to guest teachers and artists, and are a great opportunity to exchange ideas with personalities from the jewellery world, which offer their point of view and suggest research paths that will certainly constitute a further reflection tool for YOUR professional growth.

To view all the detailed information, duration, content and cost of all courses, open the calendar of intensive courses.

Below is a brief description of the courses.

Intensive courses

Jewellery Design * BOOKED *
from 6 to 24 July 2020
90 hours
Stone-Setting * BOOKED *
from 6 to 30 July 2020
120 hours
Enamelling * BOOKED *
from 6 to 30 July 2020
80 hours
Hand engraving on plate ** FEW PLACES AVAILABLES **
from 2 to 30 September 2020
100 hours
Hand engraving on jewellery ** FEW PLACES AVAILABLES **
from 7 to 25 September 2020
75 hours
14- 25 September 2020
50 hours
Commesso Fiorentino * BOOKED *
from 2 to 30 September 2020
100 hours
Lost-wax casting course ** FEW PLACES AVAILABLES **
14–18 September 2020
20 hours

Flash courses

Jasmina Carbone

Jewellery design ** FEW PLACES AVAILABLES **
Sofia Garuti
Stone setting ** FEW PLACES AVAILABLES **
Francesco Pinzauti
Jewellery Making * BOOKED *
Giò Carbone

Hand-engraving on plate * BOOKED *
Marla Desii


Battle for Beauty
Philip Sajet from 12 to 16 July 2021