Collaborations and acknowledgements

The school is a place for meeting and exchanging experiences.


In addition to its normal teaching work, LAO has a lengthy curriculum of activities, collaborations with people and companies, and projects in various geographical areas. Stories of friendship, cooperation, spreading culture, exchanges and reciprocal enhancement with professionals, artists and companions on this journey. Over the years innumerable exhibitions events, congresses and forums have been organised and catalogues have been published. The students have taken part in many exhibitions and competitions, and have won many prizes.


In 2010 the President of the Tuscan Regional Council awarded LAO the “Gonfalone d’Argento” in recognition of the quality of its activities.

In 2013 the President of the Republic awarded LAO the gold medal for the high quality of the project to stage the “Preziosa 2013” exhibition.

In 2017 Giò Carbone, LAO- Le Arti Orafe Director, had been awarded with the David Prize 2017. This prize is given to people who used to stand out for engagement in the world of jewellery culture and the artist Tasso Mattar wanted to deliver it by his own hands.

Some companies, with which the school had or have cooperation for lecturers, long-term courses, workshops, exhibitions, project.

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