Your questions to LAO

In this section you can find answers to the most frequent questions asked by our students. If you do not find the answers you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form.

Where can I stay? Is the school a college?

No, it’s not a college. After enrolment in the chosen course, the school provides the contact for the accommodation service that will help students to find accommodation near the school by putting them in contact with the owners of apartments/rooms/bedsits. This service should be requested from the secretaries’ office ( and is not included in the course fees.

I have already studied in the sector: what course can i apply for?

Those who have already studied at other schools and want to enter the second year of our courses or the advanced courses should provide a portfolio of their work and documentation of their previous studies, and fix an interview appointment with the school tutor or Management.

How are fee payments scheduled?

To reserve a place on their chosen course, students should send the fully-completed Enrolment Form to the secretaries’ office, together with the receipt for payment of the first instalment. The remainder will be paid in other instalments, details of which will be sent together with the Confirmation of Enrolment.
For those who wish to pay the whole fee at the same time there is a discount of 5%.

If i have to cancel for personal reasons, can i recover the enrolment fee?

For cancellations that are received by registered mail at least thirty days before the start of the course, 50% of the fee paid will be refunded.

What does the cost of the course include? What materials and equipment do the students have to buy?

The fees include teaching, consumables for the jewellery, stone setting and engraving courses (limited quantity of silver: see the school regulations), the handouts, school services (access to the school library, internet…). Students on the jewellery, stone setting and engraving courses have to buy the tools for their personal use. Those on the drawing/design courses should buy the materials for their exercises (pencils, compasses, set-squares, colours etc.).
The secretaries’ office sends a list of the materials students have to buy themselves with the confirmation of enrolment.

I cannot attend a regular course: can i have private lessons?

You can arrange private lessons by agreeing days and times with the teachers.

I am not a european citizen: what documents do i need to obtain to study in italy for a year?

For those who want to stay in Italy for less than three months, we advise getting a tourist visa. For longer stays non-EU citizens must obtain an entrance VISA valid for a maximum 365 days (1 year). To obtain the visa the following are needed:

  • The enrolment documents that the school sends after enrolment
  • A valid passport
  • The form to fill in directly at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country Proof that you can support yourself in your studies in Italy (bank document or credit card)
  • Health insurance


Visas cannot be issued in Italy, only at the Embassy or Consulate near your home city/town. Within 8 days of entering Italy, non-EU citizens must apply for a Residence Permit (“Permesso di Soggiorno”), for which the following documents are needed:

  • The application form, to be bought at the Italian Post Offices
  • Valid passport or equivalent document, with entrance visa if required
  • A photocopy of the passport
  • Identical, recent passport-size photographs
  • The documentation needed for the type of Residence Permit requested (certificates of enrolment at the school, in the case of students)
  • Health insurance for INA Assitalia or other Insurance Company that covers the cost of repatriation and health care in the Schengen countries

I am a european citizen: do i need a residence permit to study in italy?

Since 11 April 2007 European citizens who want to reside in Italy or other EU countries are no longer required to request a residence permit.
After three months in Italy you are required to register with the “Anagrafe” of the municipality where you live. For stays of less than three month no formalities are required. For registration you need to present documentation showing that you are working, studying or undergoing professional training (certificates of enrolment at the school).

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