2022-2023 Scholarships awarded

As has become habitual, for many years LAO has been awarding various scholarships to support young people who want to take up the study of the goldsmithing arts and make it their future work.

Some of the scholarships are reserved for Italian students, while others are for foreign applicants.

We are pleased to announce the names of the recipients of the 5 scholarships for the 2022-2023 school year

Full coverage scholarship (100% of tuition fees):

  • Cecilia Caserta. Scholarship for one year Focus course in Goldsmithing (FO-OR1P).

Partial coverage scholarship (50% of tuition).

  • Kseniia Sharlai. Academic Goldsmithing first year course (CA-OR1).
  • Ilaria Del Signore. Academic Course in Jewelry Design first year (CA-DIA1)
  • Brenda Luize Roepke. Focus Course Jewelry Design first year (FO-DIA1)
  • Sara Becchero. Yearly Engraving Course (INC.F)

The award of a LAO scholarship named in memory of Maria Cristina Bergesio (second edition) went to Saadi Daniela who was admitted to free attendance to the second year of the Academic Goldsmithing course (CA-OR2)

Congratulations to all the winners! We look forward to seeing you in Florence for a good work and stay.



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