Alessandro Meccani, teacher at LAO: illustrating Amberif 2017 awarding cerimony

Conosciamo Alessandro Meccani, docente a LAO e orgoglioso insegnante di Annelise Mercier, vincitrice del premio Amber prize del contest Amberif 2017. Alessandro è volato a Danzica ad accompagnare Annelise a ritirare il premio e vuole raccontarci questa bella esperienza .

Let’s meet Alessandro Meccani, teacher at LAO and Annelise Mercier’s proud teacher, winner of the Amberif Prize at “Amberif 2017”. Alessandro travelled to Danzig with Annelise to receive the prize and now he’s pleased to illustrates us this amazing experience.

First, let’s talk about you and how you decided to become a jewelry maker.
Since I was a kid, I’ve been oriented to study sciences and arts so after my scientific diploma I decided to follow my artistic passion and I began to study jewellery at  “LAO-Le Arti Orafe, where I studied along 4 years (jewellery making,engraving, stone setting and design). At the end of the school course of studies, I founded my atelier in my hometown Cascina and I’ve been creating  my jewels since 1999.
I’ve been also beginning to teach the course jewelery making at LAO laboratories for 3 years.

How do you feel after this prize?
Annelise’s victory at Amberif 2017 made me feel happy and proud.
It’s great seeing that when teachers find a fertile soil they can obtain those great goals.
This victory gives me more incentives and push me to go on offering my know-how and skills, learned during my studies and career.

Is this the first time a student of yours won a prize?
Yes, this is the first time and I hope in the future to win more and more!

The most engaging moment at the cerimony and the trip in Danzig?
I could obviously say the most engaging moment was the prize cerimony but I think Annelise’s interview with the press was the best moment.
The cerimony, plus a fashion gala opened by Miss Ponland, has been an amazing moment in a fashion environment surrounded by amber jewels.
But the picture of Annelise telling all the steps of her work and creation, talking bout “the backstage”, her ideas, how we gave them a form…that was a terrific moment where all the efforts we daily make entirely appeared.

What did you learn from this experience?
I did surely understand how the modalities of the contests operate, but I also did a large network with artists and a brainstorming to realize new jewels…. and sailed in an “amber sea”.



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