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The golden rules for learning by playing, creating by studying and progressing by teaching. Students on the jewellery courses have the ...

Jewellery design

Draw, design, create in freedom LAO is the best place in Italy to learn both the techniques and the concepts relating to the planning ...

CAD- Rhinoceros3D

Display and infinitely modify your ideas The courses taught by Jasmina Carbone, a McNeel authorised teacher. CAD (Computer Aided ...

Stone setting

Precious stones mounted on chosen objects The sophisticated technique of stone setting has its best exponents in Italy, and especially ...


The magic of the engraved design The best masters of the refined, sought-after, subtle art of burin engraving, in which the working ...


From the basic (three months, 120 hours) to advanced (80 hours), these courses will investigate the use of fire enamel in jewellery. ...

Educational path

Academic courses

The school offers the possibility to combine several courses, which can last one, two or three years. The total cost is fixed, that is ...

Intensive Courses, Workshop and Flash Courses

Every year the school organises some short courses, seminars and summer courses. The intensive courses are taught by school or invited ...

Commesso Fiorentino

“Commesso Fiorentino”: Florentine mosaic courses This form of Art has been known since the time of the Medici Family, and has continued ...