Brooches are Bridges with Tasso Mattar

They hold together, connect, link, merge as well as they control, check and supervise. We play with the image on different levels: In a technical, and philosophical way. Bridges are the result of human efforts to relate and connect two topographic locations permanently said Georg Simmel in “Bridge and Door”. I would like to include fixed installed draw or swing bridges and skywalks, balconies and stairs as well. In addition, ladders are interesting for our considerations even if they are only temporary bridges. Just because of that reason, they come very close to the character of brooches. Brooches
in their original function as fibulas are connecting different parts of textiles and have a temporary character. You can fix and remove them easily. In this case, the connected textiles separate themselves and the brooch gets the character of an independent object.
In the workshop we approach to the topic from different directions:
1) Bridges as an idea and creative template for brooches. Everyone brings the idea of his/her favorite bridge. Spontaneous models will be made with limited material, drawings, sketches.
2) We investigate connections as temporary attachments between different materials or objects. Experiments with the mechanism of fastenings. Examination of relevant connections in everyday objects.
3) Design of a brooch with an integrated fastening as a part of the independent brooch object. We study traditional craftsmen mechanisms and explore extraordinary solutions.

Language lesson: English, German, Spanish

Tasso Mattar studied sociology at the University of Cologne (1969-75) and jewellery design at the University of Applied Arts at Pforzheim (1975-79).
He was well noted for his thematic exhibitions. We remember his bone exhibition “jewellery in a butchers” 1986, which became a legendary jewellery event. This presentation of the “precious” in the “trivial world” is a model of Mattars special aesthetical approach which includes everyday objects as well as everyday life. His artwork from bone, concrete, soapstone, amber, granite etc. are collected by museums and private collections.
He directed workshops in Singapore, Israel, Finland, France, Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg. He lives and works in Artà/Mallorca, a small village in Spain.


Title of Course: Seminar with Tasso Mattar. Brooches are Bridges
Course code: TM.W
Length of course: from 24 to 27 July, 2018
Total hours: 24
Participants: Maximum 12
Total fees, VAT included: Euro 600

Deadline for Booking: June, 18

Entry level : C**


**Entry level (suggested)

C) Intermediate: if you already have skills, these courses will be useful for your next step towards a more independent practice.