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“I had 3 months Erasmus exchange period in Italy, Florence. Receiving school was jewellery school Le Arti Orafe. I wanted to take part in this exchange program to improve my skills and see different ways of learning and also to get to know Italian culture. I participated in three courses; stone setting, designing course and wax carving. The atmosphere at the school was very supportive and inspirational. Also the teachers were extremely helpful and they always got time for you. I learnt a lot during the exchange period and it was nice to see how to do familiar things in a different way. That’s how you can learn the techniques that suit you best. I was very happy to attend to school trips, first to Chianti and San Gimignano and second to Carrara. Both trips were interesting and it was nice to see other places than Florence. Close end of my exchange period we had end of the year exhibition. The school had made an effort to make event vivid. Outright the whole exchange period was memorable and I’m really happy that I got an opportunity to study at Le Arti Orafe”.

Anniina Nieminen




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