Craftsmen and workshops at Preziosa Florence Jewellery Week 2017

On Sunday 28th as conclusion of the events, workshops and exhibitions by craftsmen and master were played in the venues of LAO-Le Arti Orafe: a great party! The exhibitions and workshops were held in the school yard, illustrating goldsmithing techniques like hand engraving, stone setting, florentin mosaic, basketry, cameos engraving, hammering forming and anticlastic forging , and then workshops by “Atelier degli Artigianelli” and a gardening for children with the cultural organization “Associazione Paesaggi e Giardini”.

Students, visitors and families attended with enthusiastic participation at all the activities and workshops, making the educational day a real festive moment. We have also many surprises like the nice dinner,  provided by the school students at the end of the day with food and dishes typical of their own region or country. A  concert played by the band “Venus in punk” offered the right playlist to this beautiful evening.