This two-week intensive course aims to provide the basic knowledge to create small objects with the ancient technique of embossing and chisel, which allows to get surfaces worked in relief, with decorations and drawings that cannot be achieved with other techniques.

1-The methods and the useful materials for the realization of chiselled objects: the pitch and the base, the tools (chisels, punches).

2- How to carry out the work:
– How to return the drawing on the plate to chisel;
– How to place the plate to be chiselled into the pitch;
– How to choose the punches and the hammer.

3- How to proceed with the first phase of work: the repoussé;

4- How to work on the right to work (chisel).
Participants will first perform some exercises in copper and silver plate, with organic designs and decorations.
In a second time a work will be carried out with flat surfaces and angles.

A figurative work can be done if time permits.

Course Code: CES.I
Length of course: From 23 july to 3 August, 2018.
Total hours: 60
Participants: Maximum 10
Contents: Repoussé and chasing
Total fees, VAT included: Euro 1.200
Prerequisites: previous studies in jewellery making or work experience.
Deadline for Booking: May, 31