Preziosa – an exhibition project

LAO has always stood out due to its activity in spreading the culture of jewellery in the widest, most complete sense of the expression, and for many years has organised exhibitions, lectures and meetings linked to contemporary research jewellery or great classical jewellery.

Since 2005 the school has organised PREZIOSA, an international exhibition dedicated to contemporary jewellery.  Each year the artistic approach to the complex theme of jewellery is explored through a specific concept and with a selection from the international scene.

Since 2008 LAO has also organised the competition/exhibition PREZIOSA YOUNG, open to young artists from all over the world.

PREZIOSA can be seen as an exploratory journey that is always in motion.

In 2013 the President of the Republic awarded LAO the gold medal for the high quality of the project to stage the “Preziosa 2013” exhibition.

Preziosa 2017 - Florence Jewellery Week

PREZIOSA 2017 – Florence Jewellery Week, 24-28 May, 2017

From 24th to 28th May 2017 in the very heart of Florence, the “Oltrarno” district, among the Lungarni and Santo Spirito Square, LAO  organizes PREZIOSA 2017-Florence Jewellery Week, a unique event in Italy.

The exhibitions and all other moments of the event place the emphasis on the interactions between tradition and artistic research, manual skills and new technologies, and between the different meanings and symbolical values that jewellery can take on in different cultural and geographical environments.

The project includes exhibitions by contemporary artists from various countries, lectures and presentations, workshops led by nvited artists/lecturers/curators.

The exhibitions and all other moments of the event will place the emphasis on the interactions between tradition and artistic research, manual skills and new technologies, and between the different meanings and symbolical values that jewellery can take on in different cultural and geographical environments. The project includes exhibitions by contemporary artists from various countries, lectures and presentations, workshops led by invited artists/lecturers/curators.

Contemporary jewellery artist as  Robert Baines, Sibylle Umlauf, Fuchi Arata, Tasso Mattar and Danni Schwaag, furthermore curators, gallerists,lecturers as Inger Wästberg, Martina Dempf, Maria Cristina Bergesio, Roberta Bernabei, Maria Laura La Mantia, will be the focusof this edition PREZIOSA 2017 – Florence Jewellery Week.

Featuring: Petra Holscher, Curator of Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum at Pinakothek der Moderne.München, Germany, the famous art gallery holding the most important  world collection dedicated to the contemporary jewellery.

You can download the provisional program,  and you’ll find all the details and updated event at, or Klimt02

Preziosa 2015: special edition

PREZIOSA 2015 – Florence Jewellery Week, 28 May-3 June 2015

To celebrate the 30th year of teaching and the 10th anniversary of the founding of Preziosa, the 2015 edition took on a different expository and conceptual form from the usual with the organisation of a week of events entirely dedicated to contemporary jewellery and the complex relationships with design and the crafts: exhibitions, lectures, workshops, meetings with artists and demonstrations from artists and craftspeople.

Artists invited, seminars and jewellery presentation: Philip Sajet, Xavier Monclús, Mimi Moscow, Nora Fok, Bifei Cao, Wang Zhenghong, Wang Kezhen, Sang Deok Han, Jie Sun, Tithi Kutchamuch, Seoyeon Lee, Daniela Hedman

Special sections on show

  • The magic of India
  • Traditional African jewellery


  • Shannon Guo, Associate Professor, Jewelry and Metals Studio, Shanghai University Fine Arts College and Artistic Director of the Two Cities Gallery, Shanghai.
  • Martina Dempf, Jewellery designer and social anthropologist, Berlin.
  • Barbara Schmidt, Jewellery designer, Director of the Akademie für Gestaltung, Munich.
  • Shruti Agrawal, Gunjan Shruti Jewellery, Mumbai.
  • Gabriele Goretti, Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Florence


download the PDF file 2015 edition

Preziosa 2013: Un Certain regard.

Florence, Museo Marino Marini, 20 June-20 July 2013

The theme of the exhibition project this year was the view of the spectator, their expectations and the preconceptions of the common imagination relating to the contemporary ornament. To guide the public along the expository journey, three thematic sections were created.

Ornamentorum Lex”, “To be or not to be?”, “What I see is what I see!”.

Artists: David Bielander, Sigurd Bronger, Sophie Hanagarth, Suska Mackert, Philip Sajet, Karin Seufert

download the PDF file 2013 edition

Preziosa 2011: Monologue. Parallel worlds.

Florence, Museo Naturale La Specola, Tribuna Galileo, Florence, from 5 to 23 October 2011

Personal exhibition by Mari Ishikawa, curated by Maria Cristina Bergesio.

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Preziosa 2010: Dialogues

Florence, Chiostro delle Leopoldine, Piazza Tasso, from 21 May to 6 June 2010

6 artists from the international scene: three masters from the same generation, already well-established and with work in the most important museums in the world, and three younger artists, chosen by the former and who already have significant curricula of work and personal exhibitions. The intention was to highlight, through the layout and with the aid of video interviews that were an integral part of the exhibition, the parallels and differences between the three older and three younger artists: the six were presented in three “couples”, in which the two artists talked together, establishing a dialogue, illustrated through their works and their different approaches to jewellery creation and the artistic process.

Artists (“couples” of artists): Giampaolo Babetto/Helen Britton; Johanna Dahm/Andi Gut; Ruudt Peters/Evert Nijland

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Preziosa 2009: Cutting the mirror. 11 jeweller-artists.
An aesthetic vocabulary

New Delhi, Italian Embassy, April 2009.
Lucca, Villa Bottini, April-May 2009.

The 2009 exhibition event may be considered an approach to the complex theme of beauty in research jewellery. If we look at the exhibition as a unit, we can observe the metamorphosis and erosion of the classical ideal of beauty from the 1960s until today.

As with all visual art, research jewellery has openings and scissions of canons, and introduces the shadows of beauty: chaos, deformation, imperfections…
Cutting the Mirror is a metaphor regarding the concept of beauty, no longer considered unique but rather complex and stratified.

Artists: Mario Pinton, Yasuki Hiramatsu, Graziano Visintin, Robert Baines, Georg W. Dobler, Annelies Planteijdt, Karl Fritsch, Svenja John, David Bielander, Lisa Walker, Sally Marsland, Sebastian Buescher.

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Preziosa 2007-08: Timetales: research jewellery as representation-reflection on Time

Barcelona, Museo Textìl, November 2007-January 2008.
Lucca, Villa Bottini, April-May 2008.

Recounting Time as perceived and translated into body objects by eleven jeweller-artists of international fame, through the reworking and transformation of forms, materials and contents that create a network of reflections on the past, on the function of jewellery as a memory object and of its being witness to current political and social developments, and also as a reflection of the very meaning of jewellery in the contemporary world.

Artists: Giampaolo Babetto, Vera Siemund, Stefano Marchetti, Ramón Puig Cuyàs, Mari Ishikawa, Eija Mustonen, Jivan Astfalck, Mah Rana, Katja Prins, Tanel Veenre, Ted Noten.

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Preziosa 2006: No Body Decoration.

Lucca, Villa Bottini, September–October 2006

Organized in three themed sections, the exhibition investigated the body-jewellery relationship: the movement of kinetic jewellery; reflections on the possible alterations/transformations of the body through the use of jewellery prosthetics; and research on the “conquest” of the body through the use of jewellery-sculpture.

Artists: Friedrich Becker, Bruno Martinazzi, Gerd Rothmann, Gijs Bakker, Christoph Zellweger, Frédéric Braham, Ruudt Peters, Naomi Filmer, David Watkins, Marjorie Schick, Naom Ben–Jacov.

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Preziosa 2005: A new concept of the precious. Materials, the source of creative inspiration.

Lucca, Villa Bottini, June 2005

The first event presented the work of 11 artists, representing three generations and able to illustrate the metamorphosis of materials used to produce ornaments created to become messengers of a new form of aesthetics in jewellery.
The idea was to offer the public some notes on the work of artists who wanted to establish a bond between their creative ideas and the materials chosen to interpret them.

Artists: Francesco Pavan, Erico Nagai, Giovanni Corvaja, Jacqueline Ryan, Annamaria Zanella, Kadri Mälk, Peter Skubic, Janna Syvänoja, Xavier Ines Monclús, Peter Chang, Nel Linssen.

download the PDF file 2005 edition

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