PREZIOSA YOUNG 2017: and the winner is…

Preziosa Young Contest 2017 declared the final winners of the competition.

The jury composed by artists, curators, bloggers and art expertises finally selected 4 young artists:

Fang Jin Yeh, Taiwan; Qian Wang, Cina; Shachar Cohen, Israele / Germania; Xiaodai Huang, Cina.

The jury assigned further special mentions to: Giulia Savino, Italia; Heng Lee, Taiwan; Niklas Link, Germania; Holland Houdek, California-USA; Marion Delarue, Francia.

This edition of Preziosa Young had more then 185 participants. The jury assigning the price were composed by:

Petra Hölscher, senior curator Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Germania

Inger Wästberg, art historian and curator, Svezia

Martina Dempf, anthropologist, goldsmith, art gallerist Germania

Antonella Villanova, art gallerist, Italia

Maria Cristina Bergesio, art jewellery historian and curator, Italia

Francesca Mercanti, blogger, Italia

The competition required a research inspired to any traditional art or craft form, a material, a technique, an object of   use, an ornamental detail, or architectural elements, without any limit.  Immaterial source of inspiration were also admitted. Candidates creative process, reasons and goals were explained through the objects and the statement submitted to the jury. The selection will be based on: the originality in the contemporary re-interpretation of the tradition; the quality of design and manufacture; the contemporary use of the materials; the conceptual and technical innovation.

“Classical art and traditional crafts  constitute for  every  human  group and  every  single  person  a  legacy  that  cannot be ignored, or simply put aside. Contemporary research has its roots in this memory, and from it draws its nourishment. Based on the above considerations,we  invite  worldwide young  jewellery  makers  to apply  and submit  works  from which emerges a research linked to the contemporary interpretation of traditional themes of your culture, in the broadest sense of the term.”