Enrollment in INTENSIVE STONE SETTING COURSE is now open

The intensive stone setting course is recommended both for beginners and students, but it is also suited for professional goldsmiths and stone setters who want to improve their competences with the newest techniques.
The lessons are all held in the laboratory, and include demonstrations and exercises that will cover all phases of the setting of gems on metal, with the use of semifinished casted pieces in silver and synthetic stones, predominantly cubic zirconia of high quality, perfect imitation of the stones precious.

Starting from relatively simple embedding techniques, such as the one on griffe and on bezels, you will soon arrive at more complex works, such as pavé.

Course Code: IN.I
Length of course: 1 month. From 4 to 31 July, 2018.
Total hours: 120
Participants: Maximum 10
Contents: Stone setting workshop, lessons and practice on silver and stone semifinished products.
Total fees, VAT included: Euro 2.100

Deadline for Booking: May, 31

Entry level: beginners, with little or no experience. First and second year students.